The hotel has two English speaking staff members: “Yukiko,” and “Seiko.”
If you call the hotel and would like to speak to someone in English please say,

Reservation Methods

By Phone
Tel: 0256-94-2048
(between 8:00 a.m. and 22:00 p.m.)

By Email
Please fill in the form shown below and click the send button.


About Reservation by Email

Please call us directly if you wish to make an urgent reservation.
Reservations by email should be made 3 days prior to your intended stay.
Upon receiving your reservation email, we will confirm either by email or telephone.
When confirmation has been made either by telephone or email, consider the reservation confirmed.
If we have not contacted you within 2 days of making a reservation or inquiry, we would appreciate if you would call us directly.

The date you wish to stay month day - month day the number of days
Room Type
Type of Food
The number of rooms you require rooms
The number of people
intending to stay:
adult males: people
adult females: people
Children Option A for Children: Including meals and bedding people
70% of the adult room rate.
Option B for Children: Including a Japanese-Style children's meal and bedding people
50% of the adult room rate.
Option C for Children: Bedding only people
30% of the adult room rate.
Option C for Children: Japanese-style children's meal only people
30% of the adult room rate.
Option D for Children: No meals and no bedding people
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